Around the year 2000, Alisa bought a necklace from a mall but wanted to have coordinating pieces. A few weeks later she came across an ad in the local newspaper about making your own jewelry. One thing led to another, which then led to more and more beads and creations. After about two years of developing this passion, she drew her mother, Jolee, into this obsession.
 beautiful knotted jewelry


 knot leather custom jewelry

Early in Alisa’s beading adventure she knew she wanted to have her own company, and it all finally started to come together ---- except for the name. One evening, while Alisa and Jolee were working with two sleeping dogs at their feet, Alisa’s dad came in and surveyed the room. He said he had the perfect name for them - Lazy Dog Jewelry. It was an excellent fit – between the two of them there were four lazy dogs and one most assuredly lazy cat.


Nature inspires both Jolee and Alisa. Going to the beach and walking along the shoreline picking up shells is a favorite pastime for the mother-daughter duo. The color combinations one finds in nature provides inspiration as well.
beautiful knotted jewelry


Alisa has always been a daydreamer, which her mother still laughs about. Jolee is what Alisa calls the Energizer Bunny – she keeps going and going and going. They make a great team – both are creative, with the daydreamer being motivated by the go-getter and vice versa!